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A Modernist Korean Steakhouse, the creation of restaurateur Jason Cho and Chef Yurum “KP” Nam. Located in the historic Heights neighborhood in Houston, Karne is the first fine-dining Korean Steakhouse bringing one of the world’s most influential food cultures to the city. The stunning space, beautiful in its elegant simplicity – features prime beef, American and Japanese Wagyu, and meats dry-aged in-house, cooked to order by highly trained tableside hosts. Private dining rooms are available by reservation and will feature multi-course chef’s tasting menus. The dishes, several with a nod to American steakhouses, include flavor-packed twists, clearly re-imagined with Korean culinary roots.

Only the finest indigenous and seasonal ingredients will be used and speak to the balanced integrity of the flavors that Nam plates. The Big City vibe of Karne is married with the Korean spirt of Jeong – a feeling of friendship, warmth, kindness, and the fraternity of communal experiences at the table. A bespoke cocktail list and premium wines have been selected to enhance the dining experience.

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